"It’s funny, warm, scary — and thoroughly recommended."
- John Harding for the Daily Mail

"A mystery, a love story and a fascinating encounter with a different culture, Yuki Means Happiness is an outstanding novel." - John Boyne

"Like the waitress who pulls the bottom of her kimono “into the perfect position” for kneeling by Diana’s table in a restaurant, Lester has constructed her novel like an elegant piece of origami, every element deftly arranged into something as close to perfection as I can imagine." - Lucy Scholes for The National


Praise for Lillian on Life


"What a great voice, what energy and wit.  I enjoyed Lillian's travels, her various jobs, and her lovers. She had moments of great wisdom and I was drawn especially to those.  In the midst of the humor and the happenings, a sentence or two of such profundity. I thought the book was very original and often extremely funny, but always with an edge. My favorite kind of humor. I completely loved it!" - Karen Joy Fowler

"Dazzling . . . Spiked with unflinching observations, riotous riffs and poignant reflections."
- The Washington Post

"I absolutely loved Lillian on Life. It was a delight. The style of it so fresh and clever and subversive and there’s something very brave about it." - Kate Atkinson

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